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Air Element Rods

Air Element Rods
Air Element Rods
Service Code : 030
Air Element Rods for Vaasthu Energy

The ever-restless element of air is often referred to as the “breath of purusha”, in the ancient Vedas. It is the fundamental element for our survival and thus as a life supporting element, air is a very powerful life source. This element relates to our sense of Sparsha (touch). Air also represents the movement.

Air is associated with Vayu – the wind-god, the eternally curious messenger – and to the nort-westerly direction. Vastu recommends guidelines to be followed for the placement of doors, windows, ventilators, balconies, height of structure and placement of trees and plants, to balance the air element. A free flow of fresh air itself is an important feature, too and attention paid to the northwest is said to ensure success in business ventures.
Any problem just rectify the problem by placing Air Element Rods at northwest.