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Aura Scanner

Aura Scanner
Aura Scanner
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We are an esteemed service provider, supplier and manufacturer of Aura Scanner. This instrument is manufactured in accordance with set quality standards, using best raw components and latest techniques. The offered scanner is used to detect both positive and negative energies that are there around us. Our customers can find out and avoid negative energy with this Aura Scanner. Moreover, we can balance the external and internal environment by neutralizing them with vasthu energy, geopethic stress and aura energy. 

Cosmic e scanner is an electronic gadget which has a capability of measuring aura energy levels of human begins and matter (animate and inanimate objects).

Aura is defined as a bioelectric field emanating from every animate and in animate objects including human beings. Aura is the external manifestation of energy body.

Generally aura can be visualized by Kirlian photography which is a very expensive gadget compared to our cosmic e scanners which also measures aura in meter length

e.g.: aura energy of a normal person should be in between 2.3 – 2.8 meters.

Aura energy gives reliable information about a persons health in such a way that the aura is quite uniform and extensive for a healthy person and a shrunken aura signifies low vitality where as an uneven aura is a sign of existing or future illness.

It can also be used to know the positive and negative energies in and around us so that we can identify negative harmful energies and avoid them or neutralize them with suitable positive energies to balance our internal and external environments such as aura energy, vaasthu energy and Geopathic stress.


Cosmic e scanner is a device that can sense the aura of a person, animate and inanimate objects and also the energy volume emanating from the body as per the sample provided to it.


Cosmic e scanners are designed in such a way that they relay on 9volts battery which are inbuilt and can be rechargeable. Cosmic e scanner is hallowing cylindrical L shaped yoke moving on a set of bearings held in both hands in the form of handle grip. The yoke consists of a circuit which can scan the aura of a person, animate and inanimate objects with the help of a sample which can be inserted into the space provided for the sample box.


By taking a D.N.A related sample of the person to be tested which could be saliva, nail or hair of a person to be tested and the same is placed in a sample box of cosmic e scanners. In case of products/items/matter etc.the sample of the same is kept inside the space provided for a sample then the scanner is held against the product/human being to be tested for its compatibility. The scanner immediately starts sensing the aura emission from the subjects and start making inferences.

One can immediately notice the acceptance and repulsion of the scanner which is called as compatibility results. If the persons D.N.A sample matches with the particular sample then the both scanners shows the percentage of matching in degrees according to the repulsion of the two scanners oppositely make a particular angle of 10 – 100 degrees.

Similarly samples of any matter can be placed in the scanner and its aura energy can be found out. The scanner also identifies similar aura energy from hidden articles also. For e.g.: if we put water sample in the sample space it can precisely point out the Geopathic stress lines in minutes and also we can find out the under ground water points.

By putting various samples provided within the kit we can check various energy levels of the chakras in our body and our compatibility with 9 grahas (planets) and also can identify positive and negative energies in an around us e.g.: by putting negative energies insides the scanner we can find out the negative energy spreading in our houses and also we can identify the negative energy emitting from articles in these house.

We can find out the aura energy of the house as a whole and examine if it is adequate. We can also find out the compatibility/suitability of various gems and crystals for a person and suggest the right aura enhancing gems and crystals which only does good for him/her. All these are possible by just taking the saliva sample of this person to be tested.

Cosmic e scanners can also be used for various aspects such as:

  • Checking an appropriate gem stone which can suit our body.

  • Checking an aura energy field of our body.

  • Checking various chakras energy levels in our body.

  • Checking positive and negative energies.

  • Checking suitable plot and its vaasthu.

  • Checking Geopathic stress.

  • Checking various types of radiations.

MRP: Rs. 27,000/- ONLY.