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Copper Crystal Rods

Copper Crystal Rods
Copper Crystal Rods
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We have set a remarkable presence in this competitive market by offering a qualitative range of Copper Crystal Rods. These are powerful energy tools designed to amplify the natural radiation of quartz crystals and balance the negative influences of rays from the planets and transform them into positive energy. Our Copper Crystal Rods are made under the guidance of veteran vastu specialist by using premium grade copper at our sophisticated facility.



  • Effective
  • Bring peace to home
  • Excellent healing energy

Further Details:


In Vasthu, any street focus on a plot actually disturbs the bio-electric magnetic field in and around the plot to a great extent, either by amplifying the imbalance in energy dynamics or by attenuating the positive energies.

The street that runs and focuses on to any side of a plot is called a 'spearing street'.  This is also referred to as 'therukuthu' in Southern states and 'veedhi shula' in the 'Northern states. People are generally scared of this particular phenomenon.  The figure shown gives eight directions of street/road focuses on a plot.  All the different types of street focus or 'spearing streets' do not necessarily render bad effects as generally believed.  Out of 12 possible street focuses on a plot, four street focuses on the central portion of any side of a plot are neutral, four are harmful and four are good.  The 'veedhi shula' or street focus is perhaps, the most powerful of all Vaasthu parameters, especially in fortifying the good/bad powers of Vaasthu.  Several case studies reveal that in both the good and bad 'veedhi shulas', the Vaasthu effects are excessively pronounced.  Some of the Vaasthu properties of different street focuses are summarized in the following table: 

Veedhi-Shula Results:

1. East-Eshanya: - Very good, prestigious and causes prosperity.

2. East-Agneya: - Financial loss, breach of trust, cheating, theft, fire.

3. North-Eshanya: - Financial improvement.

4. North-Vayavya:- Enemy, court cases, restlessness, suicidal tendencies, financial loss, interruption in work, bad habits, disturbances in life.

5. West-Vayavya: - Financial gain, improvement in intellectual faculties.

6. West-Neiruthi: - Causes ill effects for the life of house owner, accident, illness, financial loss, sudden death, suicide.

7. South-Agney:- Financial gain.

8. South-Neiruthi:- Financial loss, bad effect for the woman of the house.

In order to avoid the road spear effect (veedhi shoola) and correcting other Vaasthu negative effects we can use copper crystal rods which produces abundant positive energy and has a capability to overcome all the negative effects of Vaasthu defects including plot cutting and road spear effects and can harmonize the environment in order to obtain good results as well.

Copper crystal rods are designed in such a way that it is made-up of copper rods on which a crystal pyramids are embedded on the top of it. Copper crystal rods should be placed facing the road spear of our plot. And the rods are connected with a copper wire so that the negative energy is diffused and the entire setup should be buried inside the earth so that only crystal pyramid should be outside facing the road spear

Crystal pyramid:

A pyramid is a structure with sloping sides that meet at top. Energized Pyramids can help us in correction of Vaastu. Pyramid structure emits positive energy which neutralizes the negative energy caused within any premises due to incorrect Vaastu. Pyramid replicas, based on the measurements of the great pyramids of Egypt, generate energy that contributes to the healing process.

The Crystal pyramid is itself a forceful field of light and energy, which can be used as sonic protections against negativity. This property exists in all sizes of crystals including the small ones, we wear or carry. The passage of ions through the molecular structure makes them a valuable aid in clearing and neutralizing negative conditions in the aura of people of all ages. It can be used to cleanse the atmosphere of large areas - our homes or places of work, as well. It can become our own personal healer for the body as well as a tranquilizer and transformer for the spirit. It helps our intuitive insight, to see the light in the darkness.

Vaastu corrections can be done by neutralizing this negative energy by strong positive energy radiating devices like energized pyramids. 'Pyramid' really means Energy Nucleus so powerful that it cannot be changed by any Energy interaction. That's how Pyramids of Egypt can keep dead body cells free from decay for thousands of years whereas it is common experience that human body and all life forms begin to decay within a few hours of death. Vaastu shastra, the Vedic architecture integrates the science of ayurveda and astrology by linking them with human lives. "Vaastu" combines the earth's magnetic fields, the influence of the planets and other celetial bodies along with cosmic rays and plays a vital role in happy family life and prosperity of business.


Copper is supposed to be the best metal used in Vaastu and astrology. Copper wire is used for correcting the shape of the plot and especially used for concealing the wrong entries. Copper plates are used extensively in making astrological yantras.

Copper crystal rods:

Copper crystal Rods are powerful energy tools designed to amplify the natural radiation of quartz crystals.

A copper crystal Rod in its basic form is a quartz crystal embedded with tip outwards into a conductive rod, typically copper.

The dimensions of the conductive copper rod are designed precisely to allow the crystal to vibrate in its highest resonance.

Crystal counter balance the negative influences of rays from the planets and transforms them into positive energy. Crystal helps to develop the mystical heeling pore. Crystal is especially valued for splitting the light and increasing the energy levels.