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Earth Element Rods.

Earth Element Rods.
Earth Element Rods.
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Earth Element Rods:

The Earth element, is the most solid of all as well as being as far away as possible from the aetheric spirituality. It is appropriate thus that earth is located in the southwest, in the opposite corner as it were from the gateway of the gods. Earth is the only element that is connected to all the five senses of the human body - the sense of taste, touch, sound, smell and sight. This is the reason why it influences us the most. Its magnetic field and gravitational force has considerable effects on everything on the Earth, living and non-living. Its main characteristic is Gandha (smell).

Heaviness is linked with this element and is one of the reasons for locating the heaviest items of furniture in the south-west quadrant. The inertness of earth makes this part of the building perfect for sleeping.

Just rectify the problem by placing Earth Element Rods at the south-west corner